==  Mysteries of Arcanum


Have you ever wonderd what the ruins of szabo is?. or just want to uncover the secrets and mysteries of Arcanum?. Well i got some answers.Edit

uncoverd mysteries so far           Edit

Ruins of szabo. it's a strange place never got true the puzzle white the dead end? well tried to destroy the lamp in there. and you will see....  

Stringy petes cove. old pirate pete's resting place when you need to get the boat in Black root their are a person in the inn that got a make map to the place. but he wont give it kill him and take it that will led you there. but somethings wrong stringy pete lives but as a undead. you can talk to him if you does his missions he will give you his boat. 

Gorgoth's pass: funny and deadly roade for high leveld peoples ;D   

There is something that is an pure mystery, the faith ot Tyran, i mea what happend, he just dissappeared.