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Welcome to the Troikapedia: A Post-Troikian Temple of Vampires, Steamworks and Obscura Information about everything Troika Games, their games, staff and other stuff.

You are free to add and edit content to this wiki to your hearts content. Please read the User's Guide for usage help about fancy formatting and what-not.

The goal of the Troikapedia is to contain all information about Troika and their games. You know, quest details, easter eggs, people who made the game, the whole bit. We've only just started this project so at the moment, things are pretty rough. That will change over time though as more and more content is added by people like yourself and it's all formatted and categorised nicely.

The wiki is a very flexible and robust tool, so don't worry about breaking anything. Just find a page with some missing or ill-informed content, hit edit and start typing!