being the measure of a Character's Cerebral power, Intelligence has an impact on several Skills, as well as being the limiting factor in the learning of Spells and Technological Disciplines, and for maintaining Spells. Also, a Character's verbal acuity is based primarily on his or her Intelligence. A person of low Intelligence has distinctly limited choices in dialog. The abbreviation for Intelligence is given as "IN".

Derived Statistics:

Spell maintenance: The intelligent wizard can keep control of several spells at a time; the maximum number of spells one can maintain simultaneously is your IN/4 (not in round numbers either, an 11 IN still means you can only maintain two spells, you need a full 12 if you want to keep track on three).

Dialog: A character with an IN below 5 will not be able to speak properly, which can make dialog pretty humorous. Also, an IN of 5 is the minimum if you wish to learn spells.