The Bedokaan are a race of bipedal, cold-blooded reptillian-like creatures living deep within the Glimmering Forest, far north-east of [[Qintarra] and east of T'sen-Ang in a village known simply as the Bedokaan Village. They have a strong affinity with nature, and are poached for their hides which are said to make particularly good boots.


The Bedokaan are ruled by a Chief, Kan-Kerai, who effectively wields power as a despot and guides the Bedokaan. There are Bedokaan Warriors which effectively act as peacekeepers against poachers and other intruders. The Bedokaan simply abandon the inefficient, citing that they are more of a burden to the tribe than anything else. Lastly, there are Bedokaan Villagers.

Religion & Philosophy[]

The Bedokaan are a very religious people, and are guided by it through the words of their Chief, Kan-Kerai.