A-10: Quick Keys
Arcanum GAME Hotkey List:
<Escape> -- MainMenu (or "Previous Window" *in* the mainmenu)
<F1> -- “Walk� – Commands a Follower(s) to walk to a target location <F2> -- “Attack� – Commands a Follower(s) to attack the selected target
<F3> -- “Stay Close� – Commands a Follower(s) to follow at a lesser distance
<F4> -- “Spread Out� – Commands a Follower(s) to follow at a greater distance
<F5> -- “Back Off� - Commands a Follower(s) to stop fighting its target
<F7> -- Auto-save save game to a predetermined auto-save game slot.
<F8> -- Auto-load saved game from predetermined auto-save game slot.
<F12> -- Take a screenshot
<NUMLOCK> -- Toggles Run-Always
<SHIFT-Click> -- Stand in place (don't walk when attacking, etc.)
<CTRL-Click> -- Run instead of walk
<ALT-Click> -- Force-Attack (to attack scenery, doors, etc.)
-- Drag a corpse (if not in combat mode)
<ENTER> -- Switch to the Chat rotating window (type messages seen as floaters)
<SPACE> -- Closes any interfaces (Inven/Char. Editor/etc.) and switches between Turn-Based/Real-Time combat
<A> -- Do whatever hotkey action is on the last "Active" hotkey (the one at the lower-left, next to the rotating window)
<C> -- Character Editor Toggle On/Off
<F> -- Fate Point Window Toggle On/Off
<I> -- Inventory Toggle On/Off
<L> -- Log Book Toggle On/Off
<O> -- Bring up the Options menu
<R> -- Toggle Ready/Unready mode (Attack/Talk modes)
<S> -- Sleep UI Toggle On/Off
<T> -- Tech Schematic UI Toggle On/Off
<V> -- Display version info
<W> -- World Map UI Toggle On/Off
<,> -- Attacks will be called-shots to the Head (<Comma>)
<.> -- Attacks will be called-shots to the Arms (<Period>)
</> -- Attacks will be called-shots to the Legs (<Forward Slash>)